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Predator skin gel 25 ml

Predator skin gel 25 ml


The product is designed to treat an insect bite or sting (mosquitoes, worms, wasps, bees, spiders, etc.). It reduces burn-related itching and relieves the symptoms. What is more it creates a pleasant, cool feeling. Prompt using of the gel usually prevents and stops the development of allergic reactions and it also helps disinfect the skin.

The active ingredient in the product is Tea Tree Oil (Australian Tea Tree), one of the most powerful natural antiseptics ever. It can kill bacteria, fungi, yeasts and it is even proved out to be effective for skin problems caused by viral infection. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties, slightly desensitizes the skin and it is well known for its repellent effect.
It is also called "first-aid kit in a bottle" and its role has been passed down through generations. It is effective and very well tolerated. It does not irritate the skin or damage the tissue cells. No allergic reactions have been reported yet.

Instruction for use

Apply directly to the affected area of the skin as soon as possible.
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Active substance: Tea Tree Oil (Australian Tea Tree).

Product benefits

The gel effectively relieves the itch associated with insect bites and cools inflamed areas upon contact.
Shelf life - 24 months from date of production.


  • 45 pcs in transport carton
  • transport carton size: 235 x 95 x 185 mm
  • transport carton gross weight: 1,44 kg
  • rozměr palety 120 x 80 x 215 cm
  • transport carton cubature: 0,00413 m3


  • 41 transport cartons per layer, 5 layers on the pallet = 205 cartons per pallet
  • 9.225 pcs on the pallet
  • size of the pallet: 120 x 80 x 110 cm
  • pallet gross weight: 311 kg
  • pallet cubature: 1,056 m3