FloraBand – Glue arrows for flower protection
ArboBand – Plant and tree protection glue trap
FrutaBand – Fruit-tree protection against creeping pests
Vermifix – Glue trap for tree & plant protection
VERMIFIX – glue for tree and plant protection in cups
Vermifix – Spray glue for tree & plant protection
Grafting wax – for grafting and tree wound treatment
REVILAN red / green – wax composition
Mikrocer RootWax
Wasp Trap – holder to the PET bottle
Wasp Trap – bottle
Wasp Trap PET – holder + PET bottle
SLUG TRAP – for catching slugs and snails
Humane mole and vole trap
Wasp Trap – bottle


The trap protects against intrusive insects in gardens, balconies, gazebos and anywhere those uninvited “guests” are buzzing around. It works without chemicals. As a lure can be applied - fruit syrup, juice or other sweet, preferably fermenting beverages.

Instructions for use 

Unscrew the white lid and pour luring fluid, for example - syrup, sweet drink or beer. Fit the lid on top of the trap and hang thus prepared trap up to a place which needs to be protected from insects. The colour and the smell of the bottle lures insects, where they fall into the liquid. Special design of the trap prevents getting insects out of the bottle. The trap can also be used to protect fruit trees and vineyards. Not suitable for interiors and for trapping of mosquitoes.

Instructions for making simple lures

Wasps, hornets and flies: 150 ml of beer, 1/2 tablespoons of sugar or honey. OR 100 ml of water, 1 tablespoons of sugar or honey and 50ml of wine vinegar.

Fruit flies: 125 ml of apple vinegar, 50 ml of red wine and 1/2 tablespoons of sugar. Thus prepared traps do not lure pollinators (honeybees, bumblebees). To increase the effectiveness of the lure, change the bottle and lure every 15-20 days.

Product benefits

Extremely simple handling, universal use for different kinds of flying insects (depends on the used lure), environmentally friendly (just pour the contents of the bottle and add fresh attractant).


  • 6 cartons per layer, 5 layers on the pallet = 30 carton per pallet
  • pallet gross weight: 160 kg
  • 720 pcs on the pallet
  • size of the pallet: 120 x 80 x 215 cm
  • pallet cubature: 2,06 m3
  • 1 pc per paper box, 24 boxes per transport carton
  • transport carton size: 560 x 290 x 395 mm
  • carton gross weight: 4,8 kg
  • carton cubature: 0,064 m3