FloraBand – Glue arrows for flower protection

Set of 5 yellow arrows that are glued together. Three arrows are coated with adhesive layer from both sides and two outer arrows are coated with adhesive layer from one side. The adhesive arrows are stuck to the soil nearby plants. The pests are attracted by the yellow colour of the arrows. [...]

Mikrocer RootWax

Mikrocer RootWax Description The wax mixture prevents the drying of young newly planted trees and protects the root system. Also, [...]

Wasp Trap – bottle

The trap protects against intrusive insects in gardens, balconies, gazebos and anywhere those uninvited “guests” are buzzing around. [...]

Trap for moles and voles

Our company supplies two types of the jaw trap for moles and voles - the galvanized and the black coated trap. Our traps are very easy to use. [...]