FloraBand – Glue arrows for flower protection
ArboBand – Plant and tree protection glue trap
FrutaBand – Fruit-tree protection against creeping pests
Vermifix – Glue trap for tree & plant protection
VERMIFIX – glue for tree and plant protection in cups
Vermifix – Spray glue for tree & plant protection
Grafting wax – for grafting and tree wound treatment
REVILAN red / green – wax composition
Mikrocer RootWax
Wasp Trap – holder to the PET bottle
Wasp Trap – bottle
Wasp Trap PET – holder + PET bottle
SLUG TRAP – for catching slugs and snails
Humane mole and vole trap

REVILAN red / green - wax composition


This special wax composition is intended primarily for the grafting of vine seedlings both in stratification and in the planting of nurseries or the establishment of young vineyards. It can also be used for grafting and growing roses and other shrub plants. Revilan helps to develop growth, protects against sun, prevents desiccation and protects against mold and mycosis as well.

Revilan red - waxing of grafted seedlings in spring

Revilan green - waxing of bare seedlings in autumn

Instructions for use

Meltdown the block of Revilan in suitable container. Correct operational temperature is 60 - 65° C.
Dive the upper part of wine graft into dissolved wax and then cool in cold water.

Product benefits

After dissolving is easily applicable. Creates a protective film after application. Highly soluble and temperature stable.

  • 8 cartons per layer, 5 layers on the pallet = 40 cartons per pallet
  • size of the pallet 120 x 80 x 85 cm
  • pallet gross weight approx. 416 kg
  • pallet cubature 0,816 m3
  • single block approx. 3 kg, packed in the carton of approx. 10 kg
  • carton size 400 x 280 x 140 mm
  • carton cubature 0,0157 m3