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StableBand – Flytrap for use in stables and cowsheds
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STABLEBAND - Flytrap for use in stables and cowsheds


One sided adhesive band 0,3 m wide and 10 m long wrapped into a roll of size 300x55 mm. The roll can be hung up easily by the metal hook at a suitable place. The trap is effective for house flies (Musca domestica) and other kinds of flies that can be found in stables and cowsheds.

Product benefits

StableBand roll is an environmental friendly, poison free, effective flycatcher. This flycatcher is suitable for use in stables and cowsheds, where it helps to reduce the appearance of flies and other flying insects.

While handling unfold the roll of adhesive tape to the needed length or full length and hung on the hook preferably under the ceiling. The adhesive tape is made from quality semi-silicone paper ensuring that the roll can be unfolded easily and the glue remains only on the adhesive side. The paper is firm and therefore it cannot be torn when being unfolded from the roll.

The glue is non-drying and contains an effective attractant for the house fly (Musca domestica). As the flies like to sit on places where other flies can be found, the printing with the flies increases the efficiency of the product.

  • 8 cartons per layer, 6 layers on the pallet = 48 cartons per pallet
  • pallet gross weight: 519 kg
  • 960 pcs on the pallet
  • size of the pallet: 120 x 80 x 174 cm
  • pallet cubature: 1,67 m3
  • 20 pcs per carton
  • carton size: 340 x 290 x 210 mm
  • carton gross weight: 10,4 kg
  • carton cubature: 0,022 m3