Ecostripe Attractive – Flycatcher
Panther Africa – Flycatcher
VetroBand – Window Flycatcher
Fly Stick – Handy trap for fruit flies and house flies
Ferokap – Pheromone adhesive tape for monitoring food moths
FeroBand – Pheromone adhesive strip for monitoring food moths
DressBand – Adhesive tool for monitoring clothes moths
Pheromone adhesive tape for monitoring food and cloth moths
SilverBand – Trap for Silverfish
StableBand – Flytrap for use in stables and cowsheds
InsectBand – Trap for cockroaches and creeping insects
Traps for cockroaches and crawling insects
RaTrap – Glue trap for rodents
RataBook – glueboard for catching insects and rodents
RataBand – glue board for catching insects and rodents
RATASTOP (RATIDIF SENSITIVE PASTA FLUO) – fluorescent soft rodent bait
Rodent bait station and adhesive insect trap, 2 in 1
Formitox Extra – a bait for ants
Formitox – chalk against ants
Mouse trap – wooden – plywood base / beech base
Mouse trap – metal
Mouse trap – metal – black extra easy
Mouse trap – plastic
House-shaped mouse trap
Rat trap – wooden
Rat trap – metal
Insect swatter
Window net
REVAX 30s – protective spray wax against corrosion
ADHEFIX solid/liquid – wax for increasing the adhesion of driving belts



Standard traditional spring rat trap with jagged edge and heavy duty metal base and spring. Use cheese, salami, bacon, nuts or other sweet smelling food as a bait. Set the trap after the bait is applied. The trap should be placed where rats can occur, but out of reach of children and pets.

Product benefits

It is a standard and traditional trap for rats used for many decades, but made of metal now. We can offer 3 types of the traps – black, zinc coated and brass coated. They are very easy to use and effective. Moreover, these traps can be used repeatedly. They are suitable for use in houses, cottages, stables, warehouses factories, shops, HACCP and other places. The greatest advantage of the traps is that they work completely on physical basis. Poison and toxic free. Also, it kills the rats instantly.

  • 15 pcs per carton, 24 cartons per shipping carton, 2 shipping cartons per layer, 2 layers on the pallet = 4 cartons per pallet
  • 1.440 pcs on the pallet
  • size of the pallet: 120 x 80 x 95 cm
  • pallet gross weight: 214 kg
  • pallet cubature: 0,91 m3
  • 15 pcs per carton
  • size of the carton: 230 x 190 x 90 mm
  • carton gross weight: 1,9 kg
  • carton cubature: 0,0039 m3